Established 2019. ~FAST Columbia

Our Mission

Who We Are

Established in February 2019 at Columbia University, we are a revolutionary organization focused on supporting and uniting female student athletes on and off our campus. We understand the constant challenges that come with being a scholar athlete, and we work with our members and their hectic schedules so that we can collectively help our community. We strive to make a difference regardless of how busy we are. But, most importantly of all, we support each other in any way we can so that we are stronger not as individuals, but as FAST.

Our Goals

Currently, we are teaming up with PowerPlay NYC, an organization that raises money with the aim to advance the lives of girls through participation in athletics. This semester, our goal is to raise $2,000, enough money to fund four girls in a college readiness program for an entire year. Help contribute to our cause at our GoFundMe page here!


Alongside our service and support, we also strive to provide an alumni connection aspect to the future of FAST. Given our spread across 11 different Columbia Athletics varsity teams, we hope to create a closer relationship between alumni and athletes despite the sport that they participated in. We feel that this will not only broaden the networks of student-athletes but also contribute to a more united culture among athletes. It is, simply, yet another way we are working to support our members.

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